Farm company

La Balzea agriturismo confirms its beauties thanks to the country activities and products it manages. They are cultivated about 300 olive trees, rows of grape vines in a large area about 2000 square meters, some kind of fruits according the basic requirements for organic production.

Red Wine

The work process follows a production cycle running according the criteria of the old farming tradition. Agriturismo La Balzea produces small amounts of red wine (sangiovese e canaiolo). The red wine has got a nice rubine colour; it pairs well with pasta and meats dishes, roasted and grilled meat.

White Wine

It is a white blend, is quite fragrant and we suggest to serve it at about 4-6° degrees with light dishes: starters, pasta dishes, chicken, fish, and all salads.

Vin Santo

Tuscany is also known for the dessert wine Vin Santo, made from a variety of the region's grapes. dessert wine Vin Santo (meaning "holy wine"), it is well regarded and sought for by wine consumers. Agriturismo La Balzea in Cortona, Tuscany, produces only 20 esteemed bottles per year.


The agriturismo La Balzea produces a delicious and healthy Honey. The activity of the beehives has been maintaining today for amateur honey producing business. Acacia flower, sunflower, chestnut flower are the feed for bees. It is possible, on request, guided tour to the hives.

Olive oil

The high altitude exposure of the land it is suitable for extra-virgin olive oil production. The olive harvest usually runs in the first days of November.

Rich, beautiful, and fragrant, extra-virgin and virgin oils are made from the first pressing of the olives. The factors impact the taste of olive oil are: variety of olive used (Leccino, Frantoio e Moraiolo in agriturismo La Balzea), location and soil conditions where the olives were grown, olive ripeness, pressing technique.